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in a box

JP Williams


here's a little bit of everything. a bit silly right? stencils. string. playing cards. packaging. labels. some things just don't amount to much until they are accumulated. then what?

one thing i always go for is dennison gummed labels. on ebay i have seen one of these little boxes go for sixty bucks. i kid you not. whenever i buy a nothing book, usually from muji, i put one of these on the cover. you'd be surprised how it changes the complexion of a simple sketch book. i also have a weakness for string, twine, cord, fishing line. weird huh.

i received an email from someone, a teacher somewhere, who uses my blog as an example of compulsive obsessive disorder. glad to know i'm an example to someone.

i am particularly fond of osram lighting packaging. is it the orange? the simple design is always appealing. at some point i should file, categorize or just organize these disperse items, (there are many boxes like this) then they will be something more than just an accumulation, say a collection.


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the whole box looks very appealing, maybe also because the items aren't European, the typography is very different in the States from the typography used in the Netherlands, where I live. And I can imagine you collect string. Recently I bought old paper string, can't use it anymore, but it just looks wonderful
This made me chuckle. I have boxes and draws filled and overflowing with exactly the same kinds of things and I've also been told that I exhibit signs of obsessive compulsive disorder.