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pomme de terre

JP Williams


A collector needs no reason to purchase anything in particular but then again there is always a reason to purchase something. This book find comes under the category of ‘typography’ and dates from 1847. A fine example of ‘the printer did it.’ I just love it, especially the mix of typefaces, the use of scale and the richness of the subject matter. I am attracted to typographic examples that stray far from the design work I do myself. The French word ‘pomme de terre’ is certainly more refined than our ‘potato,’ but French always is, right? This book is the biography of a chemist and champion of the potato. There are recipes for beer, vinegar and even for potato alcohol. I did not buy this for the content but as inspiration. My favorite part is at the top, where a previous owner wrote ‘potato’ in pencil. It makes me— everyone I show it to—smile. Enjoy.


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